Throughout my creative journey, I have been using software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate to craft captivating all-over prints. My design process involves blending textures, elements, and images, resulting in a harmonious fusion that effectively communicates the essence of collection concepts while staying in tune with the latest fashion trends.
During the amazing Spring/Summer 2014 season, my collection paid homage to the profound roots of Brazil, embracing the poetic essence of "Bahia of All Colors." At the heart of this collection was the captivating print known as "Engenho", drawing inspiration from the Portuguese colonial-era term for a sugar cane mill and its accompanying facilities.

In the creation of this distinctive print, I layered intricate textures that beautifully showcased the essence of the sugar cane tree and its leaves. The result was a mesmerizing continuous strip print, capturing the atmosphere of a poetic plantation. This design perfectly blended history, nature, and artistry, inviting the viewer to experience the rich cultural tapestry of Brazil's past.
The captivating "Rio das Contas" print drew inspiration from the De Contas River, which serves as the primary waterway in the hydrographic basin of Bahia state.

Embracing the local linguistic intricacies and the rich artisanal traditions of Bahia, I embarked on a creative journey to infuse the print with a playful and sophisticated essence. I blended on Photoshop the elements as stones, beads, and delicately crafted wet lace, resulting in a mesmerising print movement. The interplay of textures and materials in this design created a harmonious rapport, encapsulating the region's cultural tapestry and showcasing the artistry of handcrafted beadwork.
I proudly introduce the thought-provoking "Zumbi dos Palmares" print. This print pays homage to the iconic figure of Zumbi dos Palmares, a true legend in Brazilian culture, renowned for his pioneering resistance against the Portuguese slave trade during colonial Brazil.

The print is delicately rendered in a luxurious material, composed of 100% viscose with a silk-like shine and an exquisite touch. Working in Illustrator, I utilised vectors to create an abstract representation of palm tree leaves, a tree present in the quilombos, the famous settlements formed by escaped African slaves.

With this special print, we aimed to honour the memory of this heroic figure and evoke a sense of freedom, while also acknowledging the challenges and thorny path that characterised the fight against slavery. It serves as a reminder of the enduring importance of Zumbi dos Palmares' legacy and the ongoing struggle for justice and equality.
Concluding the captivating Spring/Summer 2014 collection, I proudly present the exuberant print titled "Afro Bahia." This print serves as a vibrant celebration of the rich and dynamic culture of Bahia and the African roots that permeate Brazil.

 crafted a composition that blends elements of nature, colourful beads, birds, and dynamic movements. This thoughtful arrangement evokes the joyous spirit of music and dance, paying homage to the rhythmic traditions that pulsate throughout Bahia and its Afro-Brazilian heritage.
Other surfacing designs that I created over the years.

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