Hi, I'm Cindy Hiekata!

Fashion is my creative sanctuary, always challenging me since the beginning of my career. As an experienced fashion designer, I am now seeking new opportunities in the Netherlands. My focus is crafting commercial, brand-aligned products that empower and perfectly suit customers through innovative garments and prints. Here, you can explore my portfolio showcasing all of my previous work, where every garment and print has been designed and tailored by me to mee brand's DNA and customers' preferences.

Fashion Graphic Design
During my time at Carol Arbex brand, I had the opportunity to create numerous all-over prints that complemented the themes of the collections. In this project, you will see my favourite creations.
Illustrator Drawing
Within this project, I have curated a collection of diverse drawings made in Illustrator from my past design creations.
T-shirt Print Design
The Carol Arbex brand shows the essence of poetic themes, which were beautifully expressed through its t-shirt prints. Within this collection, I have carefully selected various themes and collections that highlight a range of techniques and styles.
Spring/Summer Collection 2015 to Carol Arbex
One of my all-time favorite collections from Carol Arbex. Named "The Art of Smiling," this collection drew inspiration from the enchanting world of the circus while evoking the nostalgia and wonder of our childhood memories.
Winter Collection 2018 to Carol Arbex
The 2018 winter collection was named "Organic Movements," a captivating collection that incorporated the graceful motions found in nature and the human body.
Winter 2014 to Carol Arbex
The "Urban Poetry" collection was a captivating exploration of textures and patterns, crafted to evoke the hidden beauty found within bustling metropolises. Through intricate designs and visual effects, we brought forth the essence of urban landscapes in a poetic and artistic manner.
Spring/Summer Collection 2014 to Carol Arbex
"Bahia of All Colors": A Tribute Unveiled. When Brazil's colony took its first breath. A city melded vitality, faith, and Portuguese ceramics, blending freedom, manual work, native flora, and unbridled joy.
Fashion Sketches
Each stroke capturing memories, an artistic journey I in lines and pencil. A nostalgic collection, where the essence of my past experiences are preserved.